Myth #5: “I don’t need someone to come in and tell me how to coach.”

When you invite someone to help with leadership and culture the last thing you need is someone who will undermine you as a coach.Odds are, you already have examples of people who help your players in the areas that aren’t within your specialty. For example, you may utilize a strength and conditioning coach, a nutritionist or a good sports medicine team. The best of the best have something in common; they stay in their lane. The same should be true of anyone that you select to work with your team.

A few years ago my college team was a hard working group and they were making great strides on the field. Physically we were doing very well but I had some concerns about our mental skills and how we responded in close games. I made the decision to bring in Tami Matheny, a mental skills coach, to work with our team for a few days.

Tami spent time at our practices, did a workshop on mental skills and was with us for a critical conference game. I also requested something that felt very risky to me; I asked her to meet with our sophomore class for 90 minutes … without me … yeah, that felt risky.

I wanted to her meet with them because I felt like they were the future of our program. I believed the strength of that class would ultimately be the strength of our team. I also knew that in order for our team to grow they would need to speak freely with her. I knew that Tami had our best interest at heart, and while it was hard to leave the room I knew we were all in good hands.

Later that night Tami and I went to dinner and for the FIRST time in my career, I was sitting across the table from an adult who genuinely had my back. As we talked she didn’t tell me how to coach, we didn’t talk about our system or our sub rotation. Instead, she gave me her honest perspective on the mental state of our team and she encouraged me to take specific action. She shared her observations about particular players and she reinforced a lot of what I was already thinking. She built me up without sugarcoating things. She was direct and compassionate.

She didn’t come in and tell me how to coach, she came in and helped me to become a better coach. 

Great players need great coaches and great coaches need a support system. If you want to talk about what your team needs in terms of leadership development, culture, or team building then please reach out. Phone calls are always free.

I’d welcome the opportunity to have your back and I can promise I’ll stay in my lane …