I suppose it is human nature to discover moments in life when you feel stuck. Moments when you feel like you are in the wrong place, or pursuing the wrong goals, or living a life that is out of alignment. Moments when you know you are here, but you are supposed to be there. Moments when you realize that life kept moving but somehow you stopped, and now you are stuck.

For people who live life intentionally, these can be painful moments. That pain can manifest itself in physical ways. You become tired, your body is sore, your sleep is disrupted and it may feel difficult to breathe. This is the world reminding you of the serious nature of intentionality. A message that all things are connected, and a reminder that the decisions we make, and those that we fail to make, will have a serious impact on our lives and on those around us.

It seems to me that more often than not when someone is stuck in life the common response from those with good intentions is to say you should “just” move on. You should “just” let go. You should “just” make a change. Just, just, just… Is this a button? A switch? An app you need to download? “Just” doesn’t seem so simple to me. I assume people continue to offer that word because they have never fully experienced what it feels like to acknowledge that they themselves are stuck and in need of a change.

I believe this is a lot like a dolphin who is beached. He isn’t supposed to be here on the beach, he is supposed to be there in the water. And being here on the beach is painful, it seems hopeless, it’s difficult for a dolphin to breath without water, but he can’t “just” move to the ocean. He fights it, the pain is real and physical, and each breath is a struggle. A crowd gathers around to share that they are witnessing a slow death.

But then, then the tide comes in. The tide always comes in. As the water rises, slowly he is able to breathe again. And eventually, the tide rises high enough to pull him out to sea again. The life-giving water will take him to the place he was meant to be all along.

Yes, this is what it feels like to be stuck.  It is painful. It feels hopeless. It is difficult to breathe and you may question if this really is a slow death you are experiencing. But the death isn’t in being stuck, the death is in staying stuck.

So wait for the tide, the tide will come, and it will pull you towards the place you are supposed to be.

I imagine we wouldn’t find ourselves beached so often if we would “just” stop fighting the current and instead allow ourselves to be pulled into deeper water.

Go with the tide ….

Molly Grisham,
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