What do you really want to do?

The conversation started something like this …

I answered the phone, “hello?” 

“Heyyyy! Is this Molly Grisham!?!” The voice on the other end spoke as if we were long lost best friends who had finally reconnected after many years of being apart. 

“Um, yeah, who is this?”

“It’s Ryan!! … Ryan from Yelp!”

If this had been a FaceTime call he would have seen me roll my eyes as I thought, "here we go again." Ryan from Yelp went on to enthusiastically share with me how he could help me “grow a thriving business and finally create the income stream I’ve always wanted!” 

(Again, my eyes rolled.)

I explained to Ryan from Yelp that I had talked with Yelp employees in the past and I didn’t feel like it was a good financial investment for me. I shared that it has been my experience that direct referrals lead to best-fit clients. When someone reaches out and says, “My friend said she works with you and that I should to call you,” I can be pretty certain that this will be a good fit. I prefer to have a relationship with the people I work with and direct referrals expedite that process. “But Molly, we can easily help you grow your business into the brand you’ve always wanted!” 

(Again, my eyes …)

The truth is I do want to continue to grow my business. I’ve spent a good deal of time over the last few months being very intentional about discovering the areas where I want to grow as a facilitator and identifying the parts of my work that I want to develop. I’ve read a lot of books, had meetings with marketing experts who know way more about this than I do, and then there is my long lost best friend, Ryan from Yelp, who also really wants to help me!

But the best piece of advice I have received came from a podcast I was listening to. I don’t remember the show but I remember the essence of the statement. The host was talking about how to pivot or dive deeper into a particular area of your work. I braced myself for a moment of pure marketing genius and then he said, “Step one, tell people about the work you want to do.” There it is, tell people what you want to do. It wasn’t about geo-fencing, digital marketing, Facebook algorithms, or Ryan from Yelp, it was simply about sharing your vision with others. Well, that seems pretty doable to me.

I’ve spent the last month meeting with people and telling them about the parts of the work that I want to invest in; more faculty/staff retreats and more Geography of Grace workshops/retreats. In general, I want to do more of the highly introspective and reflective work that I offer. I don't want to do less of the other services that I offer, but I do want to intentionally seek out more opportunities to do the reflective work. As I’ve met with people, I’ve been encouraged by their responses and by their energy. I’ve also realized how often we go through life assuming others know what it is we want to be a part of while failing to articulate that desire. 

So here is my question for you; what shifts do you want to make? What’s the one part of your work that you want to spend more time doing? Where do you want to invest more of your time and energy? Is it in your work, with your family, your health, or maybe your own personal growth? What do you really want to do?

Shoot me an email and let me know the answer to that question. I’d welcome the opportunity to send some energy and encouragement your way. Or, you could call my friend Ryan from Yelp, he’d LOVE to help you have the life you have always dreamed of :)

It’s your journey and only you can walk your path. As the African proverb says, “we make the road by walking.” Keep walking …

Molly Grisham, mollygrisham.com
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Molly Grisham