Leadership Discovery

Curriculum for high school and college teams

Leadership Discovery is curriculum designed to help high school and college teams to discover their path to leadership growth. Leadership Discovery consists of a Facilitator’s Guide for a coach or teacher as well as Participant’s Workbooks for each student. Through this process you will study five tangible leadership practices; Great Leaders Say Come with Me, Great Leaders Do the Dirty Work, Great Leaders Pay it Forward, Great Leaders Burn the Ships, & Great Leaders Take Care of their People. Each lesson contains a story, an example, self-reflection/discussion questions, a call to action, and suggestions on how to put each topic into practice. 

Product Details

• Leadership Discovery was designed to teach tangible leadership skills.
• Each of the five lessons can be completed in 45-60 minute sessions.
• Each lesson includes Ideas for Impact to help lead students put the concepts into practice.
• Leadership Discovery has been used by middle school, high school, and college teams. 
• Each coach or teacher will need a 28-page Facilitator's Guide and each student will need a 24-page Participant's Workbook. 

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Each Facilitator's Guide is $32 and the Participant Workbooks are $7 each. Please click on the links to place an order.

What they're saying

“Leadership Discovery changed our program and focused individuals on the things they can do to become better teammates and people … [and] ultimately gave us a vision of where we can go as a group.” DIII Soccer Coach
“While working with Molly and utilizing Leadership Discovery our young team made great strides in discovering that each of them had the ability to lead. They began looking at issues in a new light and had the confidence to help the team overcome challenges.” DII Softball Coach


Start Strong

Curriculum for high school and college teams

I am a co-founder at Success For Teams which consists of three former college coaches and we understand how critical it is to develop your players as people. We also know that this can be a difficult process, which is why we created Start Strong for Teams: A Plan for Team Success. Our product includes a Facilitator’s Guide for coaches, and workbooks for your student-athletes. There are four chapters, and each chapter includes a story, key points, action items, extra credit and self-reflection/group discussion questions. We know your time is valuable, so each chapter was designed to be completed with your team in less than an hour.

Start Strong for Teams will help you develop student-athletes who are better able to handle adversity, communicate effectively, cultivate a positive mindset, recover from setbacks, and lead themselves or others while becoming self-sufficient individuals.

Product Details

• Start Strong was designed to help develop your players as people.
• Each chapter can be completed within a one hour session.
• Start Strong can be used by high school and college teams. 
• Each coach will need a Facilitator's Guide and each athlete will need a Student-Athlete Workbook. 

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You can order the Facilitator’s Guide and the Student-Athlete Workbook on Amazon.

What they're saying:

“This is my second season using Start Strong with my incoming class and it has once again been an invaluable tool to help prepare my freshmen for their jump into college athletics. I never thought about the relationship change from recruiter/perspective student-athlete to coach/player. Start Strong has allowed me to bridge that gap sooner, and also start some really informative and neat conversations with my players. We are able to bring them comfortably into our culture sooner and I am really looking forward to seeing how the use of Start Strong will impact each class as they matriculate.” Coach Lane