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I suppose it is human nature to discover moments in life when you feel stuck. Moments when you feel like you are in the wrong place, or pursuing the wrong goals, or living a life that is out of alignment. Moments when you know you are here, but you are supposed to be there. Moments

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Find Your Next Foothold

Find your next foothold is good advice when you are climbing Mount Everest and when you are climbing through life. That concept was recently put to the test in my own life. For the last four years, I have been based in Springfield, Illinois. As my business has grown I have found myself in

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Emergency Evacuation

It wasn’t my intention to write on this subject this again, but this is the question that keeps showing up in my life. The question is in regards to what it feels like the moment you let go, the moment you leap, the moment you leave one thing and move into liminal space having not yet

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