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I suppose it is human nature to discover moments in life when you feel stuck. Moments when you feel like you are in the wrong place, or pursuing the wrong goals, or living a life that is out of alignment. Moments when you know you are here, but you are supposed to be there. Moments

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Release the brake

I have a friend who wants to make a difference in the world. He is smart, talented, thoughtful, and empathic. Each time we talk I am energized by his depth and his desire to use his influence in the world. His skill set, coupled with his love for humanity, provide him the avenue to be a true world changer.

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Five books for personal growth

I love to read AND I love to share good book suggestions! Click on the link to learn more and order your books directly from this list! I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program — so there is no extra cost for you!

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Baby Steps

I am not sure what is going on in the universe right now, but here is what my week consisted of:
– Several emails saying, “Things are so bad with my team right now. It’s way too much to type. When can we talk?”

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Emergency Evacuation

It wasn’t my intention to write on this subject this again, but this is the question that keeps showing up in my life. The question is in regards to what it feels like the moment you let go, the moment you leap, the moment you leave one thing and move into liminal space having not yet

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It happened again…

Well, it happened again. It seems to happen at least once a week, yet it always surprises me. Three months ago I was offended by it. I felt threatened. I worried that I had done something wrong. So many people were asking me this one question and I was certain that the entire world was

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Molly Grishamgrowth, leadership, risk