Great leaders make things better

There are many attributes that I value in a great leader. One of the plain and simple concepts about leadership that I think is far too rare is the idea that great leaders make things better.

I have said it many times, leaders love verbs. Great leaders are attracted to situations that necessitate action and require someone to step up and often make painful and difficult decisions. Leaders become restless in environments that do not allow them to be in motion because leaders genuinely love verbs.

But leaders love verbs secondary only to loving their people. And great leaders make things better because they love their people so much that they cannot allow things to remain the same for just one more day. Great leaders feel a call to make things better and to deny that call is to reject a fundamental principle of leadership.

When a person is new to leadership they may be called upon to lead a time of transition, moving their people from one place to another place, but always to a better place. This can feel painful and at times it may seem hopeless, but great leaders are always able to point to the light in the distance and when their love for their people is transparent their people will follow. Transition is a journey that takes time. Where you start, where you are headed and the overall health of the culture will dictate the speed at which you are able to move forward. While the process may be slow a great leader will ensure that the group is moving forward towards a better place. With great leaders this happens organically because they love their people so deeply that they would rather lead them through difficult times than allow them to remain where they are. Day in and day out great leaders make things better.

What challenges are your people facing that leave them questioning why you aren’t making things better? Do you love your people enough to make things better?