Leadership Development:

“Leadership is Influence” Workshop: In this 75-minute interactive workshop we will challenge participants to shift their thinking in several areas; leadership is a skill not a trait, leadership is a choice, we need task oriented and relational leaders, and leadership is about relational influence not positional power. This workshop sets the foundation for healthy leadership in any group. 

“Becoming a Leader” Workshop: In this 90-minute we will invite participants to think about the process of becoming a leader. We will address the idea that you need to lead yourself first, then become a first follower, and unpack why leaders need to lead from the front, middle, and back. Additionally, we will talk about the value of loving your people as a leader. This session is visually driven and includes self-reflection questions.  

“Leadership Discovery” Curriculum: Leadership Discovery is curriculum designed to help high school and college teams/groups to discover their path to leadership growth. Leadership Discovery includes a Facilitator's Guide for a coach or teacher as well as Participant’s Workbooks for each learner.  Through this process you will study five tangible leadership practices; Great Leaders Say Come with Me, Great Leaders Do the Dirty Work, Great Leaders Pay it Forward, Great Leaders Burn the Ships, & Great Leaders Take Care of their People. Each lesson contains a story, an example, self-reflection/discussion questions, a call to action, and suggestions on how to put each topic into practice. You can learn more and place an order for Leadership Discovery here.  

The Molly Grisham Leadership Experience: The Leadership Experience is our hands-on leadership development program. The Leadership Experience is offered in two models; Our Preview Program which is co-hosted with partners around the globe and The Main Event which will be our residential program hosted in St. Louis in 2020. You can learn more about The Leadership Experience by clicking here.

Team Building:

For many people the phrase team building conjures up thoughts of a trust fall or participating in a high ropes course.  While those can be valuable tools I choose to use the Experiential Learning Cycle as the foundation for most of my team building work.  In this process a coach, teacher, or team leader will help identify an area where the group needs to grow. This will often be something like communication, overcoming adversity, or valuing each other’s roles. I will then design a series of activities to allow those issues to surface. The group will think they are just playing a game while participating in a fun activity or trying to complete a puzzle but the real growth happens in the debriefing process. After each activity we will unpack what they just experienced, what struggles they faced, what skills they needed to utilize, and how their insights can make them a better group. Groups can grow tremendously during these two hour sessions.   

Custom Workshops, Group Facilitation, and Retreats: 

Custom Events: I enjoy designing workshops and retreats to help groups or teams to grow in a particular area. My group facilitation skills allow me to use a variety of techniques to draw out the strengths and/or struggles a group may be experiencing. If there is a topic you want to address please reach out and we can talk about what a workshop or retreat could look like for your group.

Problem-solving workshop: In this two-hour hands-on workshop we invite participants to join small groups as they work together to create a solution to a social problem. In this workshop we walk them through a Design Thinking process to create solutions to difficult problems. Participants are exposed to a process they can use in their every day life as they approach problems in need of a solutions. This workshop is ideal for any group that needs to develop problem-solving skills.

Geography of Grace: I am also a practitioner of the Geography of Grace series. This process was created by the Center for Courage & Renewal and is rooted in a Circle of Trust® approach. Based on metaphors from the geography of land and sky, these sessions lead into an exploration of the geography of the soul, which is the core work of the Center for Courage & Renewal. These sessions are ideal for educators, non-profit organizations, corporations, and faith communities. Click here to download a pdf about this series. Please use the Contact Molly form if you would like more information about how the Geography of Grace sessions might be a tool for your group.

Personality Assessments:

I am a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner. I am trained and certified to administer and interpret the MBTI Step I and MBTI Step II assessments. These assessments can be utilized for individuals seeking insights about themselves and how they interact with others. It can help to improve how they communicate, learn, and work. 

The MBTI can also be utilized for groups in team development, leadership development, stress management and conflict resolution. An MBTI session can range from a one hour individual session to a full-day retreat for a large audience.  

Public Speaking:

I enjoy speaking for a wide variety of audiences. Some of my keynotes have included; Leadership Is Influence, Great Leaders Take Care of their People, and Being a Coach of Significance. If you have an event and are in need of a speaker please reach out. To read about what others have said about my public speaking skills please check out my Testimonials page.