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Experience lightbulb moments through Leadership Development, Team Building, Custom Workshops, & Personality Assessments.


During my 20-year career as a soccer coach I witnessed how skilled leaders and healthy team culture impacted the success of a group. As a result, I often used my teams like a research and design lab testing ways to develop my student-athletes as people. I launched a leadership academy, wrote curriculum, developed a leadership self-assessment, created a service-learning program, and mentored young leaders.  It became clear to me that investing in people mattered so I made the decision to leave college athletics to pursue a wider and more diverse audience.  

I now work with educators, corporate groups, and athletic teams by providing leadership development, team building, custom workshops, and personality assessments. Much of the work I do is centered around experiencing lightbulb moments in personal growth and development. My hope is that I wouldn’t simply speak to or lead people through an activity but rather that I would provide an experience for participants. To learn more about the specific services I provide please click here.  

The leap I took to leave a 20-year career was a surprise to many people, but I knew the direct investment in people was the next part of my journey. If you are interested in discovering how you can develop or how you can help to develop those around you I would love to share more with you about the work I do!

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Leadership Development

Do you find yourself wishing that you and those around you could serve as better leaders? A leadership development workshop may be what you need to launch your leadership journey!

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Team Building

Are you looking for a way to develop skills that will bring your group together and allow them to function at a higher level? A team building session can help your people to rise to the next level!

Custom Workshops

Do you need a program designed just for your group? Let's work together to design a workshop or retreat to meet your specific needs. 

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Do you desire to better understand yourself and those around you? A Myers Briggs personality assessment can be a valuable tool to help individuals and groups to grow.


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